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DescriptionAQUATECH LLC is the only one double winner of GREENEVO, Green Technology Project conducted with cooperation between Polish Ministries: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economics and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Greenevo Project promotes worldwide Polish pro-environmental innovative technologies. AQUATECH LLC is the most innovative and fastest developing company in sector of wastewater treatment plants, water management and environmental protection. AQUATECH products are sold to Great Britain, Mongolia, Slovakia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Iceland, Germany. AQUATECH LLC product range are: - Small and medium wastewater treatment plants from 4PE up to 500 PE in technologies of SBR and activated sludge, full biological treatment plants with no electricity and bacteria required. Our domestic treatment plants are used for single and multi-family houses , wherever it impossible or very expensive is to connect the building to the sanitary sewer network In contrast to competitors AQUATECH domestic treatment plant is easy to use and has a high efficiency of sewage treatment in the long term. The most important is possibility to adapt all our technologies to tanks produced locally . - septic tanks, rainwater harvesting systems, oil and fat separators, - agent for oil remediation GREZĀ®, the most innovative degreaser used wherever there are petroleum products, i.e. in refineries, chemical and ecological rescue, in transport, airfield, docks, industrial plants. This degreaser can remove oil from contaminated soil. With this technology we can clean tanks, tankers, pipelines from oil
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