Bojan Praprotnik

Head of Vega program
ELMA TT d.d.

Bilateral Meetings

  • (11:00 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.)
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About VEGA Vega is one of the largest producers of projection systems and projection accessories with more than 60 years of experience in optics, mechanics and electronics manufacturing of audio-visual products. Today the production of Vega branded products continues under a company name ELMA TT d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the past overhead projectors (OHPs) represented the bulk of our product range, but now our main products are various presentation equipment and accessories such as AV trolleys, cabinets, lecterns, AV stands and mounts, projection screens, ceiling mounts, mounts for touch screens and the most recent laptop/tablet charging and storing carts. Our focus is the segment of presentation equipment and accessories. In this respect we offer the whole range of audio-visual products needed to equip a modern presentation hall, a classroom, lecture or a conference room. Our export is nowadays concentrated mainly to Germany, Italy, France, Austria, UK and USA.

What type of distributors we are looking for? Our strategy is to have distributors in every European country. The distributor, which should be strong in at least one basic sector:

• the educational (following local tenders for various government educational programs and funds),

• should work with installers of AV equipment,

• should have a network of retailers of audio-visual equipment who offer a wide range of modern electronics and for which accessories like screens, wall and ceiling mounts and specially designed AV cabinets, trolleys, display mounts, height adjustable mounts for interactive white boards etc. are needed.

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Organization Type Company
Founding Year1950
City1231 Ljubljana Crnuce, Cesta 24 junija 23 Google map
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