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DescriptionHYDROERGIA provide comprehensive services in the design, manufacture and installation of tailor-made solutions for hydro power. The following types of water turbines are included in our offer: Kaplan turbine (double adjustable by means of the angles of runner blades and guide ring blades) and Francis turbines in the open chambers and spirals case. Each turbine runner is always individually designed to match hydraulic parameters of a turbine with hydrological parameters of a site where it is to be installed. It allows the turbine to work with the maximal possible efficiency. Turbines manufactured by us are dedicated to the private small hydropower plant investors as well as to the biggest energy companies, which plan to invest in environmentally friendly electricity production. Water turbines we manufacture are also an excellent idea for other institution (e.g. sewage treatment plant) to build energy recovery system, uses the water flow from technological processes and reservoirs.
Organization Type Producer, Seller, Company
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year2011
Phone+48 71 716 55 81
City55-010 Radwanice k/Wrocławia, ul. Grafitowa 10 Google map
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