Marta Hermanowicz

Fresh Fruit Polska

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DescriptionOur trading company is operating in a field of fresh fruit. We are located in central Poland, surrounded by orchards where 3,5mln tons of apples and 30 thousand tons of blueberry is produced every year. Next to apples and blueberries we are also selling pears and mini kiwi fruits. Part of the production comes from our own orchards. Yearly, we are selling 10 thousand tons of apples and 900 tons of blueberries. Our main counterparties are British supermarkets but recently we’ve developed some business relations with Africa and Asia. It’s been two years since we are present on Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian markets. We are interested in long-term relations with our counterparties.
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City02-655 Warsaw, ul: Broniwoja 3/42 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agriculture and food