Piotr Skurzyński

Senior Expert
EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd.

Bilateral Meetings

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DescriptionEPRD is an independent consulting company with 100% Polish capital, which since 1995 has provided wide spectrum of professional business advice services to clients from around the world and various sectors and industrial branches. EPRD has completed so far more than 800 projects worldwide and has become one of the most active consulting company from the new EU Member States, especially in the implementation of projects financed by the EU and other international organizations. Rich portfolio of projects supported by the EPRD and addressed to public and private entities from developing countries and being in the economic transition, including EU candidate countries, includes e.g. projects funded by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and through the EU pre-accession funds. Relying on wide knowledge and rich practical experience EPRD focuses on providing comprehensive services to clients implementing, among others, the following services: research and evaluations, investment advice, project works, commercialization of knowledge and technology transfer, international consultancy
Organization Type Consultant, Company
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year1995
City25-604 Kielce, 36A Szkolna St. Google map
Areas of Activities

Agriculture and food

    Green technologies






              joint application for EU funding

              development of the areas of key technologies for specific (selected) markets (sectors, branches of industry, etc.) - opportunities to build partnerships, business and research projects to jointly apply for funds from the EU framework programmes for research and innovation

              Keywords: R&D projectsR&D consortiajoint applicationEU funds for R&Dbilateral cooperationresearch-business
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Investment/Financing

              Support for PL companies in entering a local market

              opportunities to enter local market by Polish companies and investors (legal and formal conditions re. registration, the availability of public funds (incl. EU and international, special economic zones, organizations supporting foreign capital in the visited countries, etc.), especially within the following sectors / industries:
              a. wood and furniture industry
              b. food industry
              c. engineering industry
              d. metal sector
              e. building industry (construction sector)

              Keywords: investmentsPolish companiesprivate investorswood sectorfood industryconstruction sectorentering new market
              Cooperation Offered
              1. Investment/Financing
              2. Other